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TESEP is here for you!
The Teacher Earth Science Education Programme (TESEP) is designed to help you - a science teacher interested in improving your student's outcomes - make better use of your time teaching Earth and Environmental Science in your classrooms through the provision of

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pointer  Updates to existing resources
pointer  New resources
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If you teach science TESEP can help you!

TESEP's first series of professional development workshops, entitled The Challenging Earth, is now highly acclaimed and well established. The topics for the workshops were selected from those nominated in an Australia wide survey of teachers. They reflect topical issues and teacher's needs and are designed to mesh with existing curriculum requirements in all states (curriculum links provided). The nine topics are

pointer  PD1: Round and Round with Rocks
     (The rock cycle, ore bodies and crustal geology)
pointer  PD2: Riding the Climate Roller Coaster (climate change)
pointer  PD3: Greening coal (carbon sequestration)
pointer  PD4: Fossil sunlight (the hydrocarbon story)
pointer  PD5: Wet rocks (ground water)
pointer  PD6: Hot rocks (geothermal energy)
pointer  PD7: Our Place in Space (Astronomy for the curriculum)
pointer  PD8: Powerful stuff (the energy debate)
pointer  PD9: Plate Tectonics (the reason for the Challenging Earth)

TESEP is constantly developing new material and the next round includes

pointer  A Plate Tectonics wall poster
pointer  On-line interactive webinar delivery of PDs
pointer  Ongoing delivery of PDs in new locations
      across regional Australia
pointer  Development of national case studies to supplement
      existing textbooks: Click here to find out more.
      →   Download published Case Studies here!
pointer  Development of field guides - simply-worded stop-by-stop
      descriptive guides for teachers and worksheet questions for
      various year levels
pointer  Purchase and distribution of quality teaching resources to
      participating teachers

Documents for download

pointer  Partnership brochure

pointer  Partnership guide

2014 Events Calendar
ACT and NSW 
T is for TESEP @ BEESST Mar 21 - UNSW
PD1: March 24 - Canberra
PD9: March 25 - Canberra
T is for TESEP @ AESC July 6-10, Newcastle
PD9: September 5 - Sydney
PD2: September 6 - Sydney
PD7: October 10 - Canberra
PD4: October 11 - Canberra
 Interactive calendar with details here
Queensland and NT
PD9: March 18 - Townsville
PD9: March 19 - Gladstone
PD9: March 21 - Brisbane
PD1: August 11 - Wandoan
PD9: August 12 - Wandoan
Download PD registration form here
South Australia
PD2: April 15 - Adelaide
Hallett Cove fieldtrip: April 16
T is for TESEP @ CONASTA 6-9 July, Adelaide
PD 9: December 3, Adelaide
PD 2: December 4, Adelaide
 Interactive calendar with details here
T is for TESEP @ CONSTAT March 28-29, UTAS
PD1: May 31 - Hobart
Download PD registration form here
PD 9: August 8, Museum Victoria, Melbourne
PD 9: June 10, Museum Victoria, Melbourne
PD 1: June 12, Mildura
T is for TESEP @ LABTECH June 13, Melbourne
PD 7: June 20, ScienceWorks, Melbourne
T is for TESEP @ STAVCON Nov 28, Melbourne
PD 1: November 20, Mildura
PD 9: November 21, Mildura
 Interactive calendar with details here



TESEP is supported by ASTA

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TESEP supports and encourages the use of the
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Geoscience Pathways

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For further Earth Science educational resources visit ESWA

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