The Teacher Earth Science Education Programme (TESEP) is designed to help you - a science teacher interested in improving your student's outcomes - make better use of your time teaching Earth and Space or senior Earth and Environmental Science in your classrooms through the provision of

  • Professional Development workshops - Book now!    
  • Updates to existing resources
  • New resources
  • Download published Case Studies here for free!
  • Ideas for field trips
  • Access to teachers experienced in this field

TESEP's first series of professional development workshops, entitled The Challenging Earth, is now highly acclaimed and well established. The topics for the workshops were selected from those nominated in an Australia wide survey of teachers. They reflect topical issues and teacher's needs and are designed to mesh with existing curriculum requirements in all states (curriculum links provided). The nine topics are

  • PD1: Round and Round with Rocks (The rock cycle, ore bodies and crustal geology)
  • PD2: Riding the Climate Roller Coaster (climate change)
  • PD3: Greening coal (carbon sequestration)
  • PD4: Fossil sunlight (the hydrocarbon story)
  • PD5: Wet rocks (ground water)
  • PD6: Hot rocks (geothermal energy)
  • PD7: Our Place in Space (Astronomy for the curriculum)
  • PD8: Powerful stuff (the energy debate)
  • PD9: Plate Tectonics (the reason for the Challenging Earth)

Introducing Plate Tectonics - The poster!


Teachers attending PD9 workshops will receive this poster and many other hard copy resources.

TESEP is constantly developing new material and the next round includes:

  • On-line interactive webinar delivery of PDs
  • Ongoing delivery of PDs in new locations across regional Australia
  • Development of national case studies to supplement existing textbooks: Click here to find out more.
  • Download published Case Studies here!
  • Development of field guides - simply-worded stop-by-stop descriptive guides for teachers and worksheet questions for  various year levels
  • Purchase and distribution of quality teaching resources to participating teachers

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