RocksExpo 2-PD Introducing Our Dynamic Planet @ Macleod


December 10, 2024 @ 2:30 PM

PD workshop for Science/Geography secondary teachers/lab-technicians & upper primary teachers

[Vic curriculum VCSSU128, VSSU116 and VCSSU089]

Riding the Climate Rollercoaster (climate drivers, ocean-atmosphere interactions, planetary influences, cycles through geologic time, big extinction events)

  • with classroom-ready Powerpoints, short videos, weblinks

Venue: Quantum Victoria (grounds of Charles Latrobe College), 235 Kingsbury Dr, Macleod Vic
Meeting Room: go to front office to sign in & be directed to meeting room
Date: Tuesday 10 December 2024, Facilitator: Sarah Gerardson


Download the flyer and registration form here (PDF).

Download the flyer and registration form here (WORD).